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  Birthday Buzzer is an application that reminds you of upcoming and already-missed birthdays. The easiest way to understand what it offers is by looking at this screenshot:

What does Birthday Buzzer feature?

  • Reminds of upcoming and already-missed birthdays
    The birthday window will of course show approaching birthdays, but maybe you haven't used Birthday Buzzer in a while and someone's birthday passed, fortunately Birthday Buzzzer will also show you any birthdays that you missed.

  • Integration with Apple's Address Book
    No need to reenter all your contacts' information just for Birthday Buzzer's sake, instead Birthday Buzzer uses the information already in the system-wide Address Book provided by Apple.

  • Integration with Growl
    Growl is a notification system that displays customisable attractive messages. See these screenshots for some examples.

  • Can remind automatically at every login (usually the same as every startup)
    If you're the type of user that uses his computer infrequently, Birthday Buzzer can remind you of birthdays everytime you turn on your computer (more technically: everytime you log in).

  • Can remind automatically at a specific date and time
    If you're the type of user that has his computer on all the time, Birthday Buzzer can remind you of birthdays at a specific time, such as every Monday at noon, or every weekday at 09:00, etc.

  • Customisable reminder settings: days before reminding, colours, dock bounces, etc.
    You can choose how many days forward Birthday Buzzer looks for birthdays, choose a special colour for birthdays that are very soon, choose how many times to bounce the dock when there's a reminder, etc.

  • Displays email addresses, phone numbers, age, astrological sign and symbol, picture, and birthstone.
    Underneath the birthday list Birthday Buzzer shows more information about the selected person, things like: phone numbers, email addresses, picture, current age (in years and days), astrological sign, astrological symbol, Chinese astrological sign, and the day of the week the person was born on.

  • Automatically updates display if the Address Book or date change
    Birthday Buzzer always displays up-to-date information. If you add, edit, or delete people from your address book, the birthday window will update. Likewise if midnight rolls around.

  • Universal Binary
    Birthday Buzzer is Universal and so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

  • Available in English, French, and German
    Disponible en anglais, français, et allemand
    Verfügbar in englisch, französisch und deutsch

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Version: 1.2.1
Released: 2009-01-06

Birthday Buzzer is available for a trial period of 14 days or 30 reminders, whichever is longer.


For only $10 US (approx €7).

New Features in 1.2.1
  • the dock icon now shows a small picture of the person with the next birthday
  • fixed a bug where a time change (for example daylight savings) was not noticed and so reminders could happen at the wrong time.
  • fixed a bug where a Growl reminder only showed one person, even if there were two people's birthdays on the same day.
  • other minor bugs fixed.


Birthday Buzzer is a Universal Binary, so it works on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard) is required.
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